RF Gods Game Rules

Should you encounter another player that breaks one of the below rules, please use the Forum section of our website and choose ‘User Bugs’: Please contac us. Please remember to provide a link to a screenshot or video along with your report. Without evidence we are usually unable to take action. Screenshots can be linked from sites such as imgur.com, and videos can be uploaded to sites such as youtube.com. Make sure all screenshot are with valid date and time, more than 1 day of screenshot before filing will be considered as not valid

Breaking any of the below rules can result in punishment ranging from a warning to a permanent ban depending on the severity of the offense. Bans of any kind may not be appealed and are not reversible.

Official Language(s)

The official languages of RF Gods are English and Filipino. The reason for this is that these two languages are the languages that RF Gods can offer support for. Furthermore, excessive use of multiple languages can cause frustration, alienation and miscommunication. Because of this we also ask that players show support, tolerance and understanding to those players who are having difficulties communicating in either the English or the Filipino language.

Chat Rules

1-1. All users should use English (Race Chat) when communicating in any public chat channel. No language restrictions exist within private chat channels.
Players may not make derogatory comments based on race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality or religion about others players.
Making personal information of other users public without their consent is prohibited.
Spamming or advertisement of non-ingame/ingame products or goods in exchange for real currency is prohibited.
Harassment, verbal abuse or personal attacks on an excessive level are prohibited.
Linking to or discussing sites that promote private servers, hacking, botting, or other malicious activities that damage the fairness and balance of the game are prohibited.
Trading, selling or distributing accounts or account information is strictly prohibited.
Selling account using Facebook is strictly prohibited.

Name Rules (Player and Guild Names)

2-1. Names that contain profanity or vulgar language are prohibited.
2-2. Names that contain derogatory comments based on race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality or religion are prohibited.
2-3. Imitating or copying RF Gods staff or portraying them in a negative light is prohibited.
2-4. Names that have an association with pedophilia or sexual abuse are prohibited.
2-5. Names with special characters are not allowed.
2-6. Names using trademarked or copyrighted phrases or words are prohibited.
2-7. Names that make references to religions which may cause offense are prohibited.

In-Game Conduct & Forum

3-1. Using bots is strictly prohibited.
3-2. Utilizing terrain glitches to give your character an advantage in any gameplay aspect is prohibited.
3-3. Exploiting or abusing unintended features of the game to provide an in-game advantage is prohibited.
3-4. Excessive or intentional kill stealing of players who are playing as the same race is prohibited.
3-5. Excessive harassment or griefing of other players is prohibited.
3-6. Debuffing, Healing and ISIS attack while in Safe zone are bannable
3-7. Selling items with Real Money is strictly prohibited. Automatically BAN
3-8. Hiding Tower in Mau of any kind is strictly prohibited.
3-9. Setting up Tower inside the CHIP or in any part of HSK is prohibited.
3-10. Hitting inside the CHIP while CW is prohibited.
3-11. Using Foul words or swearing to any GM/Admin will be automatically BAN
3-12. Any tower/ traps in Spawn Area and Entrance are bannable (OC, BM, BM to VC portal, Elan Entrance). Tower Glitch also bannable
3-13. Using Chaos or killing co race during CW will results of BAN for 1 Day first offense
3-14. Leaving MAU in CW or hiding in MAU or not deploy are prohibited.
3-15. Nuking at Core is allowed as long HSK not yet Spawn